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How to Travel from Belgium to London

The small country of Belgium is located in the heart of Western Europe and travel from Belgium to London can be done through a wide variety of means of transportation.

Belgium is situated between the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France and only the narrow North Sea lies between the country and England. It is a true crossroads country and many travelers change trains, buses or planes in its major cities. There are many ways to get from any Belgian city or town to pretty much any other town in Europe.

So, it is easy to conclude that it is not that hard to travel from Belgium to London. Let’s take a look at the options, shall we?


Kings Cross platform London

Options to Travel from Belgium to London

1. Bus

Buses to London arrive at Victoria Station and depart from Brussels-North or other major Belgian cities, such as Bruges, Ghent, Liège and Antwerp.

Buses are generally the cheapest option to travel from Belgium to London. Traveling from city center to center, buses are convenient as well.

However, bus travel is by far the most time consuming. Travel times from any major city in Belgium to London range from eight to ten hours. Prices are even cheaper when tickets are booked in advance. There are both day and night buses and all buses have toilets on board and make regular refreshment stops. Another advantage is that travelers are allowed to take two suitcases, included in the price.

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2. Train

The high-speed Eurostar runs between Brussels and London and is probably the fastest way to travel between both city centers. It is a direct train and there are daily departures. Train connections in Belgium are excellent, making it possible to travel to London from pretty much any town with a train station in Belgium. It is suggested to check the Eurostar website regularly, as prices may vary and deals can be found on a regular basis. Check-in generally starts about half an hour before departure and the train ride itself takes only two hours. Eurostar trains travel at an amazing speed of about 300 km/h.

Trains are probably the most convenient, reliable and comfortable way to travel from Belgium to London.

The terminal in London is Kings Cross St Pancras.

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3. Plane

Surprisingly, flying can actually be an incredibly cheap way to travel from Belgium to London.

Major European budget airlines that operate flights between Belgium and London are EasyJet and Ryanair. They have flights between London and other English airports and Brussels-Zaventem and Brussels-South-Charleroi. These budget airlines usually have baggage restrictions, which is something to take into account when planning your travel from Belgium to London.

There is, of course, also the need for transport to and from the respective airports.

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4. Boat

Several ferries cross the North Sea from England to the European mainland and vice versa. London can be reached from the three English ferry ports, Hull, Ramsgate and Dover, by car, bus and train. The available ferry routes from Belgium to London or England are Ostend-Ramsgate, Bruges-Hull and Bruges-Dover. The routes Rotterdam-Hull and Calais-Dover also connect mainland Europe with the island of Great Britain. Those two ports can be reached from any major city in Belgium by car, bus and train (except for Calais, which doesn’t have a train connection).

5. Car

It is a modern world and travel from Belgium to London can now also be done by car.

The distance between Brussels and London, the two capitals, is approximately 380 kilometers. The drive shouldn’t take longer than four and a half hours. From Brussels there are two major highways (A10 and A18) to Calais, where the journey can be continued by either taking the ferry to Dover or by driving through the Eurotunnel to Folkstone. Once on English soil, another highway leads straight to London.

All these options make travel from Belgium to London convenient for all travelers, whether they are in a hurry, traveling on a budget or traveling with a family.

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