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The Best Belgium Cycling Routes

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Cycling – one of the best ways to explore Belgium

You will not have any trouble finding great Belgium cycling routes. The hard part is choosing which one to take. As one of the flattest countries in the world, Belgium offers excellent cycling opportunities. The bike paths are generally in superb condition and almost always separated from the main roads.

Belgium is basically divided into two different regions: the Flemish- (Dutch-)speaking north and the French-speaking south, called Flanders and Wallonia respectively. Roughly speaking, Flanders is the flatter part of the country; it has the coastline, harbors, historic cities and fields. Wallonia on the other hand is home to the large Ardennes forest. This region consists of rolling hills, forests, fortresses and picturesque villages.

Depending on what you want to see or do on your cycling holiday, the choice is entirely yours. Whether it’s the flat fields of Flanders or the hilly forests of Wallonia, the options are endless.

Let’s take a look at the best Belgium cycling routes in both regions.

Best Belgium Cycling Routes

Antwerp Castles Route

This 60-kilometer Belgium cycling loop starts on the gorgeous Grand Market Square in the historic district of Antwerp, Flanders. It runs past Het Steen, an old fortress on the banks of the River Scheldt and the oldest surviving building in the city, and past the Rivierenhof Park in the suburbs of Deurne. The Rivierenhof covers about 130 hectares and is one of the green lungs of Antwerp. The beautiful castle and surrounding gardens are the location for many events, concerts and festivals in summer. The route also takes you past other historic castles in the area.

Brussels Bars Route

This short 24-kilometer loop through and around Brussels allows you to discover the best bars and brown cafés in Belgium’s capital city. The tour starts and ends at the South Station (Midi) and takes you past the Royal Palace, the Basilica of Koekelberg, Schaerbeek and Anderlecht. On the way you will see plenty of local and authentic Brussels cafés where you can quench your thirst. Don’t worry about drinking and driving; you’re with a bicycle!

Hasselt-Bokrijk Route

Running through a quintessentially Flemish landscape, this is a 50-kilometer loop that starts and ends in Kiewit, Hasselt, in the province of Limburg. It runs through fields, over small hills and through woods. The absolute highlight of this tour is Bokrijk, a huge open-air museum. It consists of more than a hundred old historic buildings that have been moved and rebuilt there. Even the furniture, household tools and farming equipment is authentic. The village is alive, though: bread is still being baked in the bakery, the church bells ring and the windmill still rotates.

Hesbaye Region Route

A short route that runs through the heart of the Hesbaye region in Wallonia, this route is 25 kilometers long and leads you past castles and farms. Things to see on the way are the Castle of Fernelmont, Castle of Franc-Wâret and the Nevaucour and Alentours Farms.

Hageland Route

This is an absolutely gorgeous Belgium cycling route in spring. It starts and ends in the medieval city of Leuven in the province of Flemish Brabant – home to 90,000 students and the world’s largest brewery – and takes you to the central parts of the Hageland region. This stunning region is covered with woods, vineyards and orchards, the blossoms of which turn the area into a colorful spectacle in April. With the opportunity to taste wine and beer and running over hills and perfectly flat roads, this 60-kilometer loop has something to offer for anyone.

Lake District Route

An excellent flat road with great bike paths takes you through the Campine region in the province of Antwerp, Flanders. This is an easy 52-kilometer loop along canals and past (artificial) lakes in northern Belgium. Highlights on the way are the Norbertine Abbey of Postel, where you can buy cheeses and try an abbey beer, the canal crossroads in Dessel with its lock-4-tower and the large provincial recreation park Het Zilvermeer (The Silver Lake) in Mol.

The Peace Route

This is a strongly recommended Belgium cycling route for anyone looking to visit Belgium with a bicycle. It is 45 kilometers long and starts and ends on the beautiful market square of Ypres, Flanders. This is probably the best way to explore Flanders Fields and the so-called Ypres Salient, the arch-shaped frontline that surrounded the city during the First World War. It leads past Hill 60 and Hill 62, several war cemeteries, such as Tyne Cot War Cemetery, and past memorials and monuments.

These great Belgium cycling routes show that one of the best ways to explore the country is on two wheels.

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