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Travel from Belgium to Paris

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Belgium is situated in the middle of Western Europe and there are various ways to travel from Belgium to Paris or to other major cities in Europe. Squeezed between Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France, Belgium lies on a crossroads and offers a fine mix of the passionate southern European temperament and the sober keep-your-feet-on-the-ground attitude of northern Europe. Its location means that Belgium can easily be reached from literally anywhere on the continent.

Cities such as Amsterdam, Cologne and London lie only a few hours away, and travel from Belgium to Paris doesn’t take much longer.

The list below includes all options of travel from Belgium to Paris.

Travel from Belgium to Paris: the Options

  1. Car

There are only 200 miles (320 kilometers) between Paris and Brussels, Belgium’s capital. This means that you could easily drive from one city to the other in a few hours. The entire region is crisscrossed with highways and interstates, such as the A7 that connects to the A1 and A2 to Paris. This journey is usually fairly smooth, but try to avoid it during rush hour, especially on Monday mornings and Friday evenings, or on public holidays. It’s a densely populated region and oftentimes the roads get clogged.

  1. Plane

Another way to travel from Belgium to Paris is by airplane.

There are a number of daily flights between Brussels Airport and Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Because of the fierce competition between the numerous European airlines, plane tickets are usually surprisingly cheap. Keep an eye on the airlines’ websites and you may find plane tickets that are cheaper than train tickets. Brussels Airport (Zaventem) lies about seven miles (11 kilometers) northeast of the city, while Charles de Gaulle is located fourteen miles (22 kilometers) northeast of Paris. Both are major airports and are served by public transport. The network is public transport in Belgium is dense and excellent and you can get to Brussels airport by train or bus from nearly every corner in the country. Flights take about 20 minutes.

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  1. Bus

If you don’t like flying, you may want to catch a bus to Paris.

Bus travel from Belgium to Paris starts at one of the three train stations in Brussels (Gare du Nord, Central and Midi) and ends at the main train stations in Paris. The company that operates this route is Eurolines; there are daily buses to and from both cities. Tickets can be booked online or bought in person at kiosks and ticket windows in the train stations. The trip between Brussels and Paris takes three to four hours. The length depends mainly on traffic conditions. You can get to the train stations in Brussels from virtually anywhere in Belgium. All towns and cities of a decent size have their own train station or at least a main bus station. From there you can reach Brussels either directly or with one or two changes.

  1. Train

This is probably the most popular way to travel from Belgium to Paris. There are hourly high-speed trains from Brussels to Paris. Brussels is one of the major crossroads for high-speed trains in Western Europe. The Thalys line between Amsterdam, Paris and Cologne stops in Brussels (and also in Antwerp). Other main high-speed trains that stop in Belgium are the Eurostar from London, the TGV from the Mediterranean countries and the ICE that connects France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. Therefore it is possible to travel from almost anywhere in northern Europe to Paris through Belgium. Thalys trains depart from the main train stations in Brussels and arrive at Gare du Nord in Paris. The trip doesn’t take longer than an hour and a half. Tickets may be more expensive than bus or even plane tickets, but the companies do occasionally have amazing deals. Plus, if you take into account the time it requires to get to and from the airports, taking the Belgium to Paris train is most likely a lot faster than flying!

You see, Belgium is conveniently located in between the Netherlands, France, Germany and England and can easily be accessed from every single direction and all types of transportation imaginable. Travel from Belgium to Paris is a piece of cake.

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