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Steps For A Safe Cruise

Keep your dream vacation from turning into anything but. When you’re going on a cruise, whether it’s a family vacation, a honeymoon, or just some time away, use a little common sense to keep yourself and your valuables safe.

Steps For A Safe CruiseVictims of theft aboard cruise ships can run into yards and yards of red tape attempting to prosecute the responsible parties. First of all, most cruise ships require attendees to sign a waiver, keeping the cruise line from being held liable for crimes that occur on board. Secondly, many cruise ships are registered in foreign countries, while passengers (including the criminals) are from various locales. Meanwhile, the ship is sailing in water owned by still another jurisdiction. This often puts the area of responsibility into, well, murky waters. Finally, once passengers leave the cruise ship, it is virtually impossible to trace your stolen belongings. Where they end up is anyone’s guess.

So, be smart. Stay safe, and follow some simple rules to keep theft from occurring in the first place.
Keep good records. Before you leave home, make an inventoried list (photographs are helpful) of everything you have with you, and keep it someplace safe. Record credit card and bank account numbers, and leave the list at home. Do bring along a list of phone numbers to all of your financial institutions (and a phone card if necessary) in case a credit card disappears; that way you’ll be able to report the loss while still on board and avoid any fraudulent use. Most importantly, if you don’t need something, then don’t take it with you. The less you have to worry about, the easier it is to keep track of everything you’re carrying.

Simply putting a suitcase under the bed in your cabin is no defense against a determined thief. On many cruise ships, the door locks are changed less often than those at a hotel, and your room may not be as secure of a place as you think. If you can’t leave your valuables at home, make use of the ship’s safe. Do not carry wallets in back pockets- pickpockets and purse-snatchers are possible anywhere, even on a cruise ship. Consider investing in an under-the-clothing money belt, which keeps your cash safe and provides the added benefit of not allowing you to forget your wallet lying on the table somewhere! Avoid displaying any valuables or cash you have with you, and invest in plain but sturdy luggage that does not draw attention to itself.

It may sound scary, but consider the fact that you take all of these precautions and many more when you venture to a new city and stay at a hotel. A cruise ship is a lot like a floating city, full of people from all walks of life, and a little precaution can help save your valuables. Not to mention your vacation!

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