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Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles

The BAFX Products hiking / walking / trekking poles are made from light weight durable aluminum and come in a stylish royal blue color. Each pole can be extended to any length from 25.5 to 53 inches in length. Poles extend by turn locking system and each pole has a measuring on the middle section for easy adjustment to your preferred height on every trip. They also have a durable steel tip hidden under the rubber foot at the bottom for trekking on more rocky and uneven terrain. They also each include an optional snow disk for year round enjoyment. Each stick contains an anti shock spring located in the upper section of each pole for more comfortable walking. They also have very comfortable soft plastic grips with attached wrist straps and mini compass. There is also a very soft foam grip located just below the standard grip for use when pole is in the collapsed position for easier more comfortable carrying. These BAFX Products walking sticks are guaranteed to make your walks more enjoyable or your money back, that’s the BAFX promise!

BAFX Products (TM) - 2 Pack - Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles - 1 Pair


  • Made of durable light weight aluminum
  • Extends from 25.5 to 53 inches
  • Anti-shock springs for more comfortable trekking
  • Durable tip for less for giving surfaces, rubber foot for flat surfaces and optional snow disk
  • Comfortable soft plastic grips with wrist strap and mini compass

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