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A Guide For Travelling To Africa

If you are in the West as well as your considering going to Africa the very first time or a vacation, in order to meet someone you’ve met from the dating site for example AfrikaDating varieties, then congratulations! If you have been before you most likely ignore all of this, but when it is your very first time, then it may be useful for you.

First of all, you are a lucky person. Very few people are able to afford to go to Africa, it is a lengthy-haul flight generally and lots of Africans want to go another way! Now, have you got family there? Are you currently finding someone the very first time? Are you currently a weight package tour? If you have family or you are a weight package tour, the majority of things like where you’ll stay as well as your safety is going to be taken proper care of.

How’s it going Traveling?

If you are planning alone, then it’s better to make certain the person you’re meeting in the other finish is reputable and also you trust that individual. If you are unsure, create a contingency plan just in case you receive into trouble. Discover where your country embassy is for the reason that country as well as their telephone number. If you are worried try making a quantity of reservations yourself, just like your hotel. Lots of hotels will require email reservations but you should use cheap worldwide calls to phone up expensive hotels to create your reservation. You will be billed a great deal should you book right into a Sheraton or Holiday Motel however, and often individuals places could be strict, especially they’ll ask you for more should you bring a guest for your room.

A Guide For Travelling To Africa


Prior to going make certain you have had your relevant injections. You will find certain health problems, the most important which are Malaria and Aids/Helps. Vacation for your travel clinic, GP or physician and obtain the appropriate injections. These may take days to obtain, so its better to plan ahead of time or you might want to look for a private travel clinic. Even when you’re of African origin, its best to be certain since infections along with other bugs mutate with time so when you may formerly happen to be immune, you will possibly not be to newer infections.


See if your going to a malarial area. Obtain the relevant anti-malarial medication out of your physician, and go. Malaria is really a killer and it is best to not mess about. And obtain a concept of the signs and symptoms of malaria so that you can recognise it just in case you catch it anyway. The overall signs and symptoms include headache, nausea, fever, vomiting and flu-like signs and symptoms, although these signs and symptoms may vary with respect to the type you’ve contracted. Malaria may come on several several weeks after coming back from an infected area, and when you receive ill once you return, make certain you mention to the physician dealing with you that you have visited a malarial area.

Reproductive Health

If you are planning to become if perhaps you are then take condoms along with you. Many people slur the conventional of African condoms however, they can be of the high standard and could be bought readily and inexpensively in many African nations. Illnesses for example Aids/Helps, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea are typical. Aids/Helps, while curable in the western world, continues to be one of the leading murders in Africa, so be mindful. If you are likely to got married you’ll be able to take all of the relevant tests then, meanwhile simply play safe. That’s use CONDOMS!

Whether it turns our you and your partner are Aids positive, it is not the finish around the globe and you will find organizations available that will help you deal with diagnosing and assist you in finding the strategy you’re preferred with. This can be a highly sensitive and sophisticated area, and i will be adding more information on this website in the end.

Country Background

A Guide For Travelling To AfricaMost developed nations may have detailed country information for vacationers available on the internet. Probably the most extensive of those are using the Foreign and Commonwealth Office within the United kingdom, and also the US Department of Condition. Read them and absorb them but bring them having a pinch of salt as they possibly can scare the living garbage from you and also deter you travelling. Within the bureaucrat’s world, everything foreign isn’t good and everything indigenous is nice. For instance, you will probably find alerts against going to Indonesia because of terrorist activity, although not to Spain although both nations were assaulted by al-Qaida terrorists.

Essentially government is risk averse and does not would like to get prosecuted for giving wrongful advice, for instance should you based your vacation abroad on favourable country advice after which got bombed, you may have the ability to sue them. So bear that in your mind. For instance the FCO still recommends on Kenya that “Don’t accept food or drink from other people because it might be drugged” although there’s no proof of Kenyan local people playing around with drugged sweets forcing them into people from other countries mouths, also it might even be with different rumour that’s many years old.

However, before I risk pooh-poohing the entire country reviews system, they are doing contain valuable information and valuable alerts. It’s wise to see them and acquaint yourself using the contents and also the particular factor that you need to take serious notice of, for example health information, visa needs and do’s and do nots.


The banking system in Africa generally doesn’t provide as numerous services since you may expect inside a Western country. You may have the ability to want credit cards as well as your current charge cards in come nations, although not in other people. You might have the ability to make use of your charge card in a few institutions, or there might be only one. For instance, should you wanted to create a cash withdrawal in your charge card in Uganda (before I had been there), there is just one places you could do this it: Barclays Bank on Kampala Road. However, throughout Kenya use a United kingdom charge card within the machines there. You will need to take a look. Confer with your bank

Avoid taking vacationers cheques. They are broadly utilized in fraudulent activities and lots of places won’t accept them. You will possibly not have the ability to alter into local currency before you decide to travel (you’ll still can’t buy Zambian Kwacha within the United kingdom!) and can not get good forex rates anyway.

It is best to take cash, such foreign currencies as British Pounds, Pounds or $ $ $ $. The United States Dollar is easily the most broadly recognized. Take just how much you will need as well as an extra 100 to 200 for contingencies. Many people in Africa will instantly convert the prices to all of us dollars for people from other countries anyway, and also the dollar is particularly helpful if you’re travelling outdoors major capital metropolitan areas in which the only foreign money banks will require would be the US Dollar. So, even when you are travelling with Pounds or Pounds, its best to obtain a couple of $ $ $ $ to become safe and sound. Another factor to consider account of is the fact that some nations had lots of fake US bills distributed following the Iraq wars and might refuse US Bills that are dated before 1999. Consider getting US Bills that are dated 2000 and then if you’re unsure.

Keep the money safe. Don’t place it all in the same location and do not put any inside your suitcase. If you are on an outing put some cash in every pocket. Africans like stuffing it within their socks so you might like to put some there too. See if your hotel or accommodation has to safeguard sexual and cash and employ them if required. Bigger hotels have a safe within the rooms.

Travel Cover

Don’t request. Just have it. On a single visit to Nigeria I had been set fire to inside a barbecue accident (DON’T light barbecues with gas) and conned at gunpoint in central Gauteng not much later – they required everything including my passport. And That I was travelling having a Xhosa local who transported a semi-automatic pistol everywhere we went. Consider getting travel cover. It’s mainly offered under “WorldwideInch guidelines. You are worthwhile.

Cultural Awareness

If you’re in the west or any other wealthy country it’s almost inevitable that residents may have certain awareness individuals. Probably the most commonplace is you are wealthy. If you are whitened it’s a whole lot worse plus they might assume you’ve got a dollar tree growing inside your garden. Remember many of these individuals are broke, in nations where social security is restricted to running orphanages, and 1000’s of westerners have undergone tossing money away on silly projects or perhaps in costly hotels. So, you are wealthy. Be prepared to be hassled and overcharged, and when you are travelling alone obtain a close to take care of you. Taxi motorists are occasionally the ideal choice. Around the positive side, many people will just request for that cost of the beer, that is in regards to a dollar.

But anything you do you shouldn’t be an ass having a large mind and do not treat the local people like idiots. You will see lots you will possibly not understand there is however no excuse for dealing with individuals with deficiencies in respect. Mind a foreign language promising is frequently frowned upon in lots of African nations.


Generally you will need a visa when going to an African country. These can be purchased ahead of time in the relevant embassy or consulate in your house country, and frequently can be purchased in the border when you turn up, although sometimes you will find lengthy queues which may be worrying if you have a hooking up flight. Visas may cost a lot more than 65 dollars depending in which you go, and usually you are able to pay in Pounds, Pounds or Dollars. If uncertain, take dollars. If you wish to be secure you might like to get the visa ahead of time, particularly if your country has poor relations using the country you’re going to. Most customer visas is going to be released for approximately three several weeks, or even the amount of your stay.

Staying Away From Trouble

There is a couple of of steps you can take pre and post you receive into trouble.

Information: Tell people where you stand going so when you will be back. If you are taking a very long time then inform the embassy or consulate in your arrival of the remain in the nation. Inform your buddies or family home where you will be remaining.

Documents: Make two photocopies of the passport – the identity page, and when relevant, any visas you’ll need. Whether it will get stolen a photocopy is frequently sufficiently good to prove what you are to obtain an urgent situation alternative. Leave one copy in your own home, and take another along with you. For those who have a driving licence take this, as possible considered proof of identity in case your passport gets lost.

Cell phones: get the phone unlocked – that’s network unlocked – so any Sim on the planet works inside it. Purchase a local Sim when you are getting there – they’re usually payg, and price about £10. Then SMS your loved ones home to provide them your number there. They are able to make use of a cheap worldwide call service to call you if required. Obtain the emergency number for the local embassy or consulate on the telephone so that you can call your country reps if required.

Money: Western Union offices are everywhere in Africa. It is a growth industry. If you get conned or need money in a rush, you will get someone in your house country to transmit it for you. They are able to SMS the particulars to for your local telephone number, but you will need some ID to get it, plus they may request a test question (“What’s your pet known as?”, for instance).

Police: When you get into challenge with law enforcement then stay relaxed. Sadly, lots of cops are extremely poorly compensated and just too pleased to have a bribe. If you have been really criminal then you’re certainly in danger so insist upon your right to visit your ambassador or consul. Whether it’s something petty or something like that you’ve been charged with for that hell from it, it will likely be simpler to pay for whatever is required to possess the matter hidden. HOWEVER WE ADVOCATE That You Don’t BREAK What The Law States Anywhere You Go, and you ought to know varying laws and regulations for in which you go. For instance, in many African nations homosexuality is against the law. Information similar to this is locked in country reviews that people talked about earlier.

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