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5 of the Best American Restaurants

LBS Burger Joint

A great restaurant can make an instant impression on your taste buds, one that will keep you coming back for more. There are some you go there to eat, but there are others that you go there to enjoy life. We’ve documented those that left the most lasting impression on us and, of course, had the best food money can buy. Here’s 5 American restaurants you shouldn’t miss out on.

It doesn’t get much more American than a great, juicy hamburger. These aren’t your ordinary Mickey D’s Burgers, this is gourmet dining in sandwich-form. You’ll be able to kickback and relax while you dig into a mouth-full of bliss. You can get all sorts of different burger combinations, sliders, and awesome fries to go with. LBS makes it on the top of burger lists and appearances on the biggest food shows every year. You’ll see why, once you step through the doors.

Off The Strip

There’s actually a lot of great lil restaurants to be found off the Vegas strip, but there’s only one “Off The Strip”. Everything is pure, unadulterated goodness, made-from-scratch ingredients that will fill you up after a night of partying and entertainment. Its diner-charm is a great spot to bring a girl you’ve just met or one that you’ve been with for decades. Good food, good people.

The Martini

Well, this place is more of a best kept secret of restaurants in America. It’s in a little corner in Charleston, but once you find it, you’ll feel like you found a secret world of culinary delight. You can order all sorts of stuff at the Martini, amazing seafood platters, fried salmon, shrimp, and even Oreos. Yes, the cookie. It’s not a place to come to lose weight, that’s for sure. This is a place to come and unwind with good food and friendly people.


A best of American restaurants list without “America” is not a very honest list, now, is it? This is basically the compendium of American food, from all over the country. All sorts of culinary delights and drinks to enjoy. It also boasts a gigantic world map mural of the United States, which you could use to plan out your next destination while enjoying dinner. It’s not a bad place to start your journey.

The Bachelor Farmer

Here’s a great place to enjoy a hearty meal that you’ll crave while visiting the northern Midwest, Minneapolis, to be exact. You’ve stepped into the Bachelor Farmer, a restaurant that lives up to the name. It’s a farmer boy’s dream, with the freshest vegetables you’ll find at a restaurant. They grow them right on their roof. Everything on their menu is made from local materials, including the flatware. Is that authentic enough for you?

Lucille’s Smokehouse

You can’t experience the full offerings of America’s best restaurants without experiencing some authentic southern-style barbeque. Lucille’s smokes the best meats out there until they are fall-off-the-bone tender. There’s no forks or knives needed here, the meat is so juicy and succulent that it will cause your fingers to prune. Another culinary landmark of America.

Image Source (The Bachelor Farmer)

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