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4 Amazing Road Trips to Discover in the US

Road Trips are a highly underrated way to vacation in America. There is so much to see out on the open road. You don’t need a fancy RV or large SUV, just choose a well-traveled route and enjoy the boundless scenery and fun little pit-stops along the way. Plan a trip with your family and friends or significant other and create some amazing memories that you’ll never forget. Here’s some of the best road trips to discover in the US that you’ll want to go back over and over.

Pacific Coast Highway

Probably one of the more prevalent road trip destinations on our list, this popular stretch of highway that passes through LA and San Francisco is filled with countless side quests and attractions to keep you busy year after year. You’ll be amazed at the amount of beauty that often goes overlooked while traveling the windy roads that wrap around the cliffs and peering out at the ocean on the horizon. Then you have all the great wildlife found while passing the parks and reserves along the way. You can really plan out some interesting vacations when road-tripping on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Hana Highway

Let’s start off with a road that more off the beaten path; actually, really off the beaten path. The Hana Highway is a living postcard, as you can imagine most place are in Hawaii. Most people don’t think to go on a road trip while vacationing in a place like Maui, but that’s what makes this road trip special. The eyes are treated to a feast of amazing colors and dramatic changes in landscape with waterfalls pouring all along the journey. The highway ends up at a nice, humble little spot where you can enjoy some amazing food and a quiet village life of relaxation.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This drive is all about connecting with nature and its wildlife found in America. This road starts at the Shenandoah Park in Virginia and goes all the way to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in North Carolina. It can be traversed in 1 day, if you were to ignore the actual parks and side routes, but this is a nature-lover’s heaven with all the sights and sounds to explore.

Route 66

The iconic Route 66 that has appeared in movies and songs for as long as it was built. This highway is filled with rich American history and offers some of the best sights of historic America. You can visit old abandoned mines, Wild West-themed tourist attractions, and Native American landmarks. Just remember to be well-prepared when traversing desert climates like Arizona, especially with the recent heat waves and droughts they’ve been experiencing in the last few years. Nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of an old road like Route 66 and having no phone reception, water, and the nearest gas station being an hour’s walking-distance away. We’ve all seen those movies with hitchhikers, as well, I think we’ll all pass on that.

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